Achieve revolutionary results via innovative design
Innovative design Achieve revolutionary results via innovative design
Metalens design software
Based on the basic theory of nanophotonics and physical optics, MetaLenX develops metalens® design software to achieve accurate and efficient product-level design.
Metatom™️ Library
MetaLenX has built meta-atom library via years' calculation and continous optimization, which is validated by e-beam lithography and mass producible lithography. It is a ready library for design and mass production.
Large aperture achromatic metalens design
MetaLenX breaks the theoretical limit of comprise between chromatic aberration correction and aperture size via extended effective refractive index method, and proposes the large aperture achromatic metalens® achieving centimeter-level achromatic metalens®.
Meta-refractive hybrid system
MetaLenX proposes meta-refractive hybrid system and validates it by related products, which combine advantages of both refractive optics and metalens® based on light propogation method and generalized refractive law.
Advanced metasurface design
MetaLenX proposes innovative techniques such as freeform metasurface, disordered metasurface, metasurface on non-flat substrate, etc.

MetaLenX design theory and method

  • Huygens metalens®

  • Athermal metalens®

  • Phase tunable metalens®

  • Angluar selective metalens®

  • Zooming metalens®

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